NHBC branded merchandise

A range of branded merchandise that will display your affiliation with NHBC to home buyers.

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  • house sticky note pads

    House sticky note pads

    £1.00 (excluding. VAT) Buy now
  • NHBC golf balls

    NHBC golf balls (3 pack)

    £5.25 (excluding. VAT) Buy now
  • NHBC golfing umbrella

    NHBC golfing umbrella

    £17.50 (excluding. VAT) Buy now
  • house-shaped paperclip container

    NHBC house-shaped paperclip container

    £1.55 (excluding. VAT) Buy now
  • NHBC key ring

    NHBC key ring

    £1.20 (excluding. VAT) Buy now
  • NHBC logo pen

    NHBC logo pen

    £0.65 (excluding. VAT) Buy now
  • NHBC note block

    NHBC note block

    £1.90 (excluding. VAT) Buy now
  • NHBC stress house

    NHBC stress house

    £3.00 (excluding. VAT) Buy now